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Gillette Arctic Ice Aftershave - 100 ml (For Men)

Rs. 320

On a sultry day that brings with it the merciless rays of the sun and an incessant stream of sweat, all you have to do is dab on a little bit of Gillette Arctic Ice Aftershave. Delve into the chilling cold of the Arctic that comes as a welcome jolt on a sweltering morning. Let the cooling feeling encompass your very being as you step out of the house, refreshed and ready to take on the world. Often, your routine morning ritual leads to painful cuts as you shave in a hurry. Gillette aftershave prevents these annoying bruises and unsightly scars. Additionally, it helps keep your skin soft and moisturized, ready to brave the harsh weather. Gillette also comes with a cool and subtle fragrance that embalms you in a soothing aroma. Don’t fret about all your worries and fears, this Gillette cologne drenches the weather-beaten man in cooling showers and a confident being.

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